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Community SupportLetters of Support from the Community

Tourism Kamloops

Tourism Kamloops CEO Beverley DeSantis publicly announced the organization’s endorsement of the Kamloops Centre for the Arts earlier today. Tourism Kamloops believes a YES vote, is a vote in favour of future events and activities that strengthen Kamloops visitor economy, contributing millions to the local economy each year.

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School District No. 73

The Board of Education would like to express our support for the proposed new Centre for the Arts in Kamloops.

We believe that a robust arts community provides an increased opportunity for our students to grow and thrive. Research indicates that students that participate in a rich variety of arts experiences have a better educational outcome and increased achievement rates.

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Kamloops Chamber
of Commerce

The Board of Directors of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce recognize the importance arts and culture add to a community’s vibrancy and is proudly in support of the proposed Kamloops Centre for the Arts.

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Kamloops Sports Council

The Kamloops Sports Council is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote self-sustaining sport groups through organizational development, administrative support and event hosting. The Sports Council supports over 70 local member sport organizations in a variety of ways. We also play an integral role in the Tournament Capital program by providing management support to major sports and community events.

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Kamloops Festival of the Performing Arts

The Kamloops Festival of the Performing Arts non-profit society is pleased to formally and publicly support the Kamloops Centre for the Arts society since September 2019 at our regular monthly meeting.

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Kamloops Accommodation Association

The Kamloops Accommodation Association board of directors believe that by voting “Yes” for this project, we’re voting “Yes” to a facility that will be for residents and travellers alike.

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On behalf of BCLC, I am pleased to support the proposed Kamloops Centre for the Arts. As a member of the community for nearly 35 years, BCLC shares the Kamloops Centre for the Arts Society’s belief that now is the right time to build this much-needed, new facility.

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Kamloops Music Collective

The Kamloops Music Collective is a non-profit organization that has been serving youth aged 5-18 in Kamloops since 1978. On April 4th 2020 we will be voting “yes” for the Kamloops Centre for the Arts!

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