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Kamloops Music Collective Letter of Support

The Kamloops Music Collective is a non-profit organization that has been serving youth aged 5-18 in Kamloops since 1978. On April 4th 2020 we will be voting “yes” for the Kamloops Centre for the Arts!

Our organization offers numerous arts focused programs throughout the year for youth in Kamloops. As the population of Kamloops has grown, so has the demand for our programs. Last year over 700 local youth took part in over 28,000 hours of programming through our organization. We are now finding that increasing pressure on limited practice and performance spaces in Kamloops is having an impact on music programs for local kids. Building a new Centre for the Arts in Kamloops will help alleviate this pressure.

The Kamloops Music Collective is just one more example of an organization that could utilize the proposed Centre for the Arts. For instance, we could use the Black Box theatre for small performances, meeting rooms for planning and masterclasses, and perhaps even use the big stage for our popular summer musical productions! The Centre for the Arts would contribute to the growth and sustainability of thriving arts organizations like ours and ensure that the next generation of local kids have a first class venue in which to practice, perform and appreciate the arts.

On April 4th 2020 the Kamloops Music Collective Staff and Board of Directors urge you to join us in voting “yes” to the proposed Centre for the Arts to ensure that youth in our community who are passionate about the arts have a venue that supports their activities.

Kim Mangan, Executive Director

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