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BCLC Supports the Kamloops Centre for the Arts

On behalf of BCLC, I am pleased to support the proposed Kamloops Centre for the Arts. As a member of the community for nearly 35 years, BCLC shares the Kamloops Centre for the Arts Society’s belief that now is the right time to build this much-needed, new facility.

BCLC is a long-time sponsor of the arts in Kamloops, and whole-heartedly supports robust arts programs and facilities in Kamloops. Performance and visual arts and artists significantly contribute to communities, making them more diverse and liveable. Amenities, such as a new performing arts centre, are important factors in helping to recruit top talent to our head office.

As a Kamloops-based business, we annually book meeting space for large employee events and have been unable to access the existing theatre due to lack of availability. We would welcome the opportunity to use the new facility and thank you and your Board for bringing this business case and proposal forward.

Greg Moore
President & CEO

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