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Candidate Survey Results Now Online – Update

Kamloops, B.C., October 12, 2022 —

Following the circulation of the survey, Mayoral candidate Dieter Dudy reached out with a request to clarify his response. He has shared the message below with the Society board and we agreed to circulate it for your reference.
Thank you again, from all of us at the Kamloops Centre for the Arts Society, for your consideration of the candidates’ responses as you prepare to vote on October 15.
Brenda Aynsley
Chair, KCA Society Board of Directors
e. brendajaynsley

Members of the Kamloops Centre of the Arts Society,

I would like to clarify my comments on the recent questionnaire the society put to Kamloops Mayoralty candidates. Specifically on the question of whether the City of Kamloops should be the primary funder of a new Performing Arts Centre to which I answered “no” and that other local governments or institutions should participate in the funding of the centre. When answering I had mistakenly believed the question was should the City of Kamloops be the sole funder of the centre. It is clear that the surrounding communities will benefit from having a world class performing arts centre in Kamloops and TRU will also realize benefits to their programs and in the recruitment of faculty. However, the Performing Arts Centre, like many of our other civic amenities should be primarily funded by the residents of Kamloops with major efforts to reduce that cost by looking for partners.

The federal and provincial governments have historically contributed to infrastructure in our city whether it is the airport, the Tournament Capital Centre or the Centre for Water Quality and if more partners can be secured the cost will come down further. As I have stated from the outset, the building of a Performing Arts Centre is one of my committed goals and I will do everything I can to make it a reality.

Dieter Dudy, Candidate for Mayor

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